M A C C Foundation is a  Christian charity whose purpose is

to enable Christian churches and ministries to continue to spread 

the Gospel Of Jesus Christ.  Formed in 1998 its activities are

primarily focused in the following areas:

1. Fund small ministries and missions with one time gifts up to $2000.

2. Provide funds for emergency repairs to churches up to $2000.
M A C C defines an emergency as an event that significantly affects the safety  and comfort of the congregation and their ability to hold services where the repairs are not covered by insurance and cannot
be handled from regular church income.  M A C C will consider
partial funding of repairs where labor is performed by members or materials are donated that need professional installation.

3. Provide scholarships which include room and board for
Pastor and family to attend training seminars or retreats to renew body, mind

 and spirit, from churches where the Pastor works a full time job and
does not g
et a salary from the church up to $2000.


4. Develop and fund special projects and opportunities that may

arise from time to time to advance God's Kingdom.

Grants are subject to availability of funds.

I look forward to working with you.

Serving Him with excellence, humbly with a servants heart,

Michael Tomamichel